Easy and Children's Quilt Patterns

So many quilt patterns are created using only squares and triangles. Add a rectangle and you've got an infinite number of patterns from which to choose.

These free easy quilt patterns are great for beginners or perfect when you need a quick gift.

Free children's quilt patterns are simple to stitch, using bright colors and simple designs.

Nursery rhyme characters and animal shapes are great to add to a simple child's quilt. Using simple appliqués, stitch colorful fabric shapes to create a fanciful wall hanging, crib quilt or pillow cover to brighten up the room.

Baby Quilt Patterns
Baby Quilts

Create a color theme quilt to accessorize a nursery or as a comforter for a child's first big-kid bed. Use bright patterns and colors for a decorative and cozy quilt they'll enjoy for years.

Baby Quilt Patterns



Kid's Quilts

Kid's Quilt Patterns


Beginner Quilts

Easy Quilt Patterns