Dresden Plate Quilt Block

The Dresden Plate Quilt Block is a lovely traditional quilt pattern. Double Tulip offers the possibility of using strong yellows and reds we find so delightful.

Dresden Plate Quilt Block

With careful section of print fabric, the Dresden Plate quilt block can easily become an exquisite reproduction of elegant china. The 14 1/2” squares of white or pastel background material are set together 6 across and 7 up and down to make a finished quilt of 84” x 98”.

Cut the number of pieces given on each pattern. Cut 42 blocks 14 1/2” square from either white or pastel. Although the outside of plate pieces are indicated as print only, you might prefer to intersperse plain colors at equal distances around.

After each plate is pieced, the plate must be centered on 14 1/2” square and appliquéd in place.

Fabric requirements:

6 1/4 yards white or pastel
5 yards miscellaneous prints
1 yard dark

Dresden Plate Quilt Block Pattern: