Dove in the Window Quilt Pattern


The Dove in the Window quilt block is one of the more complex blocks to piece but is an awesome design. You can see the doves meeting in the quilt block nose to nose.

The large square also would make a captivating pillow or table runner.

A good size to use is to finish the quilt block approximately 14" square. If you are making it into a complete quilt, set 25 blocks together (5 blocks wide by 5 blocks long) with 3 inch by 14 inch strips of 2 colors pieced together and use three inch squares for the intersections.

Print the image and cut it apart for patterns. These patterns will then be the size of the finished pieces, so trace the patterns onto the wrong side of the fabric, then cut a seam larger, sewing back to the line.

A final quilt size using 25 pieced blocks, 40 pieced strips and 16 3-inch squares will finish about 82 inches square.

Dove in the Window Quilt Pattern

Click on image to print the 5" block of the Dove in the Window quilt pattern.