Double T Quilt Patter

The Double T quilt block israther complete in itself, so it is goodfor a patchwork pillow, and it’s a good sizealso, as it is twelve inches square. Picturing a quilt block is quite adifferent matter from visualizing aseries of blocks set together to forman entire quilt pattern. Itmay be put together with alternate plainsquares or it can be especially attractive withthree-inch strips of white or harmonizingcolor between blocks, either continuingin unbroken lattice work or withthree-inch squares of the other color atthe corners.

ThisDouble T quilt is put together with 3-inchstrips of white intersecting with 3-inchsquares of print at all corners. If it isfive blocks wide by five long plus the3-inch strips it will finish 72 by 72inches. A 3-inch strip can be added attop and bottom for additional length.

Twenty-five pieced blocks, 40 strips3x12, and 16 3-inch squares will require4 yards of print material, and 5 yardsof white.Seams are not incorporated into the pattern so be sure to allow for seams.

Double T Quilt Pattern

Click on the picture to the left for the printable 5" block of the Double T Quilt Block Pattern.