Double Irish Chain Quilt Block, Simple Vintage Quilt Pattern

Here’s a quilt that is simple in construction, yet when complete, it is a very attractive design; thus making the “Irish Chain” patterns as popular today as they were years ago!

Click on the image to print the template for the Double Irish Chain Quilt Pattern.

Double Irish Chain

Size of Quilt: Without Border With Border

Single Size 50” x 90” 58” x 98”
Double Size 90” x 110” 98” x 118”

Size and Number of Blocks Pieced Appliqued

Single Size 23 22
Double Size 50 49”
Each block – 10-inch square

Number of Units Yellow White

Single Size 276 387
Double Size 600 846”


(All yardages are approximate and from 36” wide fabrics unless stated otherwise.) Single Size: 4 yards in yellow; 2 yards in white; 1 – 2/3 yards in yellow for border.

Double Size: 8 1/4 yards in yellow; 4 1/8 yards in white; 2 yards in yellow for border.


Single Size: Percale sheet that has been laundered.

Double Size: 10 yards of 36” wide percale; cut into 3 equal lengths, seam together, launder.

Pieced Block:

Starting at center with white unit and working outward, set color and white units together to form 10 1/2-inch block.

Appliqued Block:

Cut 22 blocks for Single Size, or 49 for Double Size, each 10 1/2 inches square.

Note: Applique one white unit to each corner of yellow block after quilt-top has been set together.

Setting Quilt:

Single Size: Start with pieced block and alternate with plain blocks – make 5 strips, each 5 blocks across; then 4 strips, each 5 blocks across, starting with plain block and alternating with pieced blocks. Sew these strips together alternating them – be sure to have a pieced block in each corner of quilt – top. Applique corner units to plain blocks.

Double Size: Work in same manner as Single Size having 6 strips of 9 blocks across starting with a pieced block, and 5 strips of 9 blocks across starting with plain block.


Cut material into 6 for Single Size (7 for Double Size) lengthwise strips, 5 inches wide. Piece together where necessary to form two strips each 59” long for Single Size (99” long for Double Size), and another two, each 99” long for Single Size (119” long for Double Size).


Use matching thread and a fine running stitch to quilt around each unit. Quilt plain sections of appliquéd blocks in diamond designs by diagonally crossing rows of stitching – spacing lines by pieced blocks on each side of block being quilted.