Heart Quilt Block - Double Heart Quilt Pattern

For a truly showy coverlet, try this one! Red hearts appliqué on a snow-white background. You'll find it the ideal pick-up needle-work and so easy to do.

Double Hearts Quilt

Size: With binding, approximately 65” x 110”

Number and Size of Blocks: 46 – each 12” square

Number of Units: Block – 8; Quilt – 368.




7 1/4 yards of 39” wide material in White or Color desired.


2 3/4 yards of 36” wide material in Red.


1 Package of Boiltex Blanket Binding in Green or Color desired.

Six-strand Embroidery Floss in Bright Green for Chain Stitch Embroidery between motifs.

Quilting Thread to match or contrast.


3-1/4 yards of 72” wide bleached white muslin. (Wash before using.)

Cutting Blocks

Cut 46 – each 13” square, allowing 1/2” for seams, from White.

Cutting Motifs

Cut 368 Hearts from Red, allowing 1/8” around entire outside edge for seams.

To Applique

Fold block diagonally both ways; crease. Using these creases for guide lines, pin hearts in position on them as shown in block diagram. Turn in seam allowance (clipping in on curves if necessary to have motif lay flat); baste in place. Using a pencil, make a straight line (very lightly) between hearts. Stitch motifs in place using matching thread and whip-stitch. Embroider over pencil line in Green Chain Stitch.

Setting Quilt

Stitch blocks together, following Diagram.


Place quilt on flat surface, slip a sheet of wrapping paper under edge; trace off triangle between blocks; cut out to use as pattern. Cut 18 such triangles from white, allowing 1/2” around outside edge for seam. Repeat for corner fill-ins. Stitch in place around quilt.


Right sides together, stitch Blanket Binding to quilt edge. Miter corners.

Lining and Interlining

Cut lining and interlining same size as quilt top with binding. Place quilt on floor; wrong side up with interlining on top; place lining, right side up on top of interlining, smoothing out wrinkles. Baste from center out thru the 3. Turn binding over lining and whip-stitch in place.


Use fine running stitch and matching thread to quilt around each heart motif. Quilt fill-ins in Diamond Design – diagonal lines crossing each other, spaced 1/2” apart.

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