The Dahlia Quilt Block - Traditional Quilt Patterns

This modernized version of a Dahlia design is quick and easy to appliqué in a color or colors to harmonize with a room setting.

For a soft touch, the center is a single “ball-fringe” stitched in place to match or contrast with the flower color.

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The Dahlia Quilt Block

Size: With Border – 76” x 116”

Size and Number of Blocks: 77 appliqued, each 10” square.

Cutting Blocks: Cut 77 from white, each 10 1/2” square.

Number of Pieces: 12 for each block, or 924 for quilt.


(All yardages approximate & of 36” wide fabrics unless stated otherwise).

8 yards of white for blocks; 3 3/4 yards each of red and yellow (or 7 1/2 yards of one color) for flower petals; 2 1/2 yards of “ball-fringe” in color desired for centers of flowers.

Note: If desired, quilt can be made in different prints of the same color. About 1 7/8 yards each in four different prints would make a lovely quilt.


1 1/4 yards in color to match flower.


3 1/4 yards of 81” wide bleached white muslin sheeting. (Wash before cutting to size.)

Quilting thread to match.

Applique Block

Find center of block – fold block diagonally both ways. Pin 6 petals in position … points meeting at center. Whip-stitch in place. Pin 6 petals over these as shown in diagram. Whip-stitch in place. Stitch one ball-fringe in center of flower.

Setting Quilt

Make 11 strips, each 7 blocks across. Stitch strips together for coverlet.


Cut material into 3 3/4” wide strips and stitch together to form strips for sides, top and bottom of quilt. Find center points of strips; top, bottom and sides edges of quilt-top. Matching these center points, stitch border to quilt-top making 1/4” seams and mitering the corners.

Lining and Interlining

Cut lining and interlining 1” smaller around than quilt-top. Place quilt, wrong side up, on flat surface (such as the floor); interlining on top of it; lining (right side up, smooth cut all wrinkles) on top of interlining. Baste through all three layers. Turn border seam allowance in, whip-stitch in place to back of quilt.


Use a fine running stitch and matching thread to quilt all around each top petal of flower, and only the section showing of the under petals. Quilt along seams of each block, and 1/2” in from seams on each block.

The Dahlia Quilt Patterns:

  • The Dahlia Quilt Block - Traditional Quilt Patterns
  • The Dahlia Quilt Block