Crow’s Nest Variation Quilt Block

This pretty Crow’s Nest Variation quilt block, which is 10 inches square, has quite an air of being much more elaborate than it is really. It is much enhanced by the 3 inch border which surrounds it. It is pieced easily and works up quickly. The blocks may be different, but keep the border in the same color.

Allow extra for seams on all blocks.
Fabrics - Use only closely woven fabric such as muslin, percale, calico, gingham or chintz for your quilts.

Sewing pieces together: 1. Join from center out. 2. Joinings are made by stitching the pieces or units together with a fine running stitch on the wrong side.
Give the quilt a professional look by pressing the seams to one side.

Click on image to print the 5" block of the Crow’s Nest Quilt Block.