Cross and Crown Quilt Pattern

The Cross and Crown quilt pattern with its “firm-in-the-faith” title is really a variation of the lily blocks. They have flowers resembling crowns combined with applique stems and leaves. Goose Tracks quilt pattern is also quite similar in pattern but of course less dignified in name.

This is one of the more simple quilts to piece, the finished effect varying considerably in relation to the way it is set together.

With red lattice strips joining white squares at the corner the pattern stands out entirely different than when white strips or large squares are used, or again the background may be light with darker design. Allow extra for seams on all blocks, about 3/16 of an inch is right for this on all sides.

If 10-inch blocks set together with white strips 4 by 10 inches and 4-inch red squares, the quilt 6 blocks wide by 7 long will finish about 80 by 90 inches.

Fabric requirements: For the 42 pieced blocks, the 71 white strips and 30 red squares you will need 3 yards of red material, 2 1/2 yards white, 3 yards white strips and 3/4 yard red for squares.

Click on image to print the 5" block of the Cross and Crown Quilt Pattern.