Coverlet Quilt Pattern - Traditional Quilt Patterns

Squint your eyes and look again! Doesn’t this quilt remind you for all the world of one of those old, old hand-woven coverlets our great grandmothers used to make? Make it up in indigo blue and white and you will have a sewn coverlet rather than a woven one. If you are planning an old-fashioned bedroom, the “coverlet” pattern will give that quaint touch old-fashioned furniture needs.

Made up in gypsy colors, its many geometric patterns will feel at home in a modern setting.

Click on image to print pattern for the Coverlet Quilt.

Coverlet Quilt

Each block is composed of a number of smaller units, four patches, nine patches, plains, oblongs and a six patch. Put together according to the plan, the blocks finish 15 inches square. Twenty blocks set together with white strips 5 inches wide with a pieced block at the corners and bordered with the same make a generous-sized quilt 85 by 105 inches.


Blue -	690 – A
160 – B
200 – C – 3 1/2 yards

White - 49 strips – 15” x 5”
400 – A
200 – B
80 – D
160 – E
160 – F – 9 yards

The above amounts include the pieces for 30 corner blocks connecting the joining strips. Corner blocks are the same as center of large block.