Butterfly Outline - 30 Outlines of Printable Butterflies

Discover a world of 30 butterfly outlines to use as quilt blocks, appliqué or as a coloring page

Use each printable fanciful, whimsical butterfly outline as a quilt block pattern to add color and charm to any room. Use as a butterfly stencil or template for schoolwork or to decorate a little girl's bedroom.

Use these butterfly outlines to create a beautiful quilt, accent pillow or a wall hanging that can be as dramatic or demure as you wish.

Butterfly Outline - 30 Outlines of Printable Butterflies

Butterfly appliqués can add texture and color to a quilt or can adorn a sweatshirt, jacket or tote bag. Sew a tiny butterfly to a baby's onesy or your own favorite jacket collar.

Little girls love butterflies sewn to a skirt or top, and these make up quickly for a fast and easy birthday gift. Both children and adults will appreciate the colorful fantasy creatures you design, and the butterfly templates can be used from simple quilt blocks to advanced appliqué.

Print a butterfly outline as a coloring page for your child as you appliqué or create something wonderful with your own butterfly.

Butterfly Outlines: