Broken Dishes Quilt Pattern

The Broken Dishes quilt pattern is great for a novice crafter and seasoned quilter as well.

This quilt block can be used alone or in combination with other quilt blocks and is a great way to use up scraps to create a festive and fun coverlet or lap quilt.

This simple, classic block is made of four half-triangle units, so it's a good project for beginning quilters to use to hone their point-matching skills. Sort your fabrics into four groups. Separate into extra light, medium, medium dark and extra dark to create blocks that give a full range of values.

Click on image to print the 6" block of the Broken Dishes Quilt Block Pattern.

These blocks can be increased or decreased in size and make a quick and simple design to create an easy baby quilt or wall hanging for special gift giving.

More free patterns for making Broken Dishes quilt blocks:

Broken Dishes Quilt Block
A simple, classic block that is used in combination with other blocks, but can stand alone nicely.

Broken Dishes Block
You only need 4 contrasting squares for this easy quilt block.

A Broken Dishes Quilt Block
This is a four patch block using dark and light tones. It's great for using up your scrap fabric.

Broken Dishes Quilt Block
Template can be reduced or enlarged on a copy machine if you want your quilt block smaller or larger.