How to Make a Broken Star Quilt – Free Quilt Template

This is “The Broken Star” quilt winner in the pieced division of Capper’s Weekly quilting bee in June 1929. It is an all-over-the bed design in four colors, or four shades of one color that may well be adapted to fit into the color scheme of any bedroom.

If you will look closely at the illustration of the quilt you will note that each point of the eight-pointed center star is pieced exactly like the others. This is also true of the outer portion of the design which is made up of twenty-four similar points which follow the same combination of colors or shades.

Click on the image to print the template for the Broken Star Quilt Block.

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The Broken Star

You will find the piecing of this quilt design somewhat simplified if you will piece 32 points exactly alike, then sew eight of them with into the center star and the other 24 into the outer portion of the designs and set the two colored pieced portions of the quilt together with the large white filler blocks.

These white filler blocks should be cut 13 1/8 inches square, if you have been careful to make all the seams in the pieced portion exactly 3/16 of an inch. The eight large triangular pieces which fit it around the border (two on each side) are white filler blocks of the same size halved diagonally.

The finished quilt is approximately 84 inches square.


Darkest 288 – 1 1/2 yards
Next Darkest 256 – 1 1/2 yards
Medium 320 – 2 yards
Light 32 – 1/2 yards

White – 20 squares, each 13 1/8”
    8 half squares
    256 8 yards