Baby Quilt Patterns - 26 Baby Quilts to Make

Baby Quilt PatternsWith dozens of free baby quilt patterns from which to choose, you'll have a hard time selecting just one. Babies love color and patterns.

What could be a better gift than a soft and cuddly handmade baby quilt made especially for the latest baby in your life?

Log Cabin or Pinwheel quilt blocks are popular for kids of all ages. Choose animal, teddy bear or super hero fabric prints to make an extra special gift for that special someone. Use cotton for the quilt top and use flannel for the backing for a soft and durable quilt.

Choose colors that blend with the nursery décor for a designer look.

You can use a variety of fabric scraps and fat quarters to make a bright and cheery car seat or stroller quilt with one of these baby quilt patterns.

Baby Quilt Size

The standard baby quilt size is 30" x 40" which is perfect for a newborn. A baby quilt that will cover a crib mattress would need to be 36" x 52". (The standard crib mattress size is regulated by the Federal government. The minimum crib mattress size is 27-1/4” x 51-5/8”. )

Although those are standard sizes, a baby quilt can be any size from 30" x 40" all the way up to 52" x 52". An in-between size like 45" x 48" is large enough to fit in a crib but can also be used in a car seat or stroller or even just to lay on the floor to play on.

Square baby quilts are also common and a baby quilt that is 40" to 42" square can use a 44" wide fabric for the back.

Baby Quilt Size Chart

Standard Quilt Size 30" x 40"
Square Baby Quilts 30" square, 34" to "36" square or even 40" square
Crib Size Quilt 36" x 52"

Baby Quilt Patterns