Autumn Leaves Quilt Block - Free Vintage Quilt Patterns

The Autumn Leaves Quilt was one of the blue-ribbon prize winners at the 1932 Topeka State Fair. The original quilt was pieced of lavender and white set together with white strips quilted with the Leaf design. It had a two tone border of lavender and white.

We would prefer our autumn leaf done in cream and gold, but quilt color schemes are, after all, a personal matter and this two-color pattern adapts itself to any combination within the rainbow’s range.

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Autumn Leaves

A finished, pieced block is 9 inches square. One of the Autumn Leaves quilt’s greatest charms is the unusual way the blocks are joined – strips of white quilted in a leaf pattern especially designed for this quilt.

We suggest a quilt six blocks in width, the blocks set on the diagonal; seven blocks in depth. Add a five-inch white border and a one-inch colored border for a finished quilt measuring approximately 88” by 100”. Because of the diagonal placing of the blocks it will be necessary to have half-blocks in some rows and partial blocks at the corners and the bottom and top edges. Check the illustrations.


White -	5 inch border
4 5-inch squares for border joining
42 joining strips – A
180 – B
180 – C – 9 yards

Color - 180 – B
180 – C
180 – D
12 – D for edges

Border – 1-inch – 4 1/2 yards

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