Aunt Alice’s Blue Wreath Quilt Block - Vintage

When Great Aunt Alice’s sweetheart marched off to the Civil War she wept a bit as sweethearts do. Then being a sensible girl, she dried her tears and started quilting, for wars will end and maidens marry.

She planned and stitched and soon Alice’s Blue Wreath quilt was finished. The color of blue was the deep dark blue of her soldier’s uniform. Upon it she set pure white flowers with yellow centers. The quilt was handed down to her great-niece who allowed it to be copied. Its’ beauty and charm are the arrangement of the floral motifs and the quilting. The quilting pattern on the original quilt is given here.

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Aunt Alice’s Blue Wreath Quilt:

The finished quilt measures approximately 84 inches square. There are four large wreath blocks set together with diagonal strips and filled in at the outer edges with triangles appliquéd with half-wreaths. The white background blocks upon which the full wreaths are appliquéd measure 24 3/8 inches square.

Be sure to tear or cut them on the straight of the goods. The triangles appliquéd with half wreaths are one-half of the large squares. The corner is cut on the straight of the goods and an extra seam allowance must be made on the bias edge. To do this, the two straight-of-the material sides of the triangle must measure 24 5/8 inches. The diagonal strips are 9 3/8 inches wide by 50 3/8 inches long. These are joined with a center block 9 3/8 inches square. Bias strips 3/4 inches wide are used for the stems.


4 yards of deep blue for A (384), E (240), C (120)
1/8 yard yellow for F (64)
7/8 yard G (32) plus 8 yards of bias
7 yards of white for background squares and strips plus D (120) and B (64)

Quilting Designs:

1. Corner design for 24 inch block
2. Design for top of each diagonal strip.
3. Design to alternate with each spray of flowers on diagonal strips and also to be used on 9 inch center block.
4. Design to be used at the end of each diagonal strip.

All these designs may be made from the two designs shown here – match “x” where necessary, or reverse traced-off motif.

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