Animal Stencils - Coloring Pages, Animal Applique

Animal stencils including bunnies, cats, dogs and chickens are waiting for you to cut, color, applique or quilt. Also elephants, birds, bears, butterflies, dinosaurs, unicorns and more. Quilt a menagerie of colorful kittens and patchwork pups with free animal stencils. Use the animal stencils for nurseries, children's bed quilts or as a small stroller quilt.

Add your own special touches to make this a gift that will be treasured for years to come. Use your imagination to create a custom quilt that any child will cherish, or decorate a bedroom with a dog-theme quilted wall hanging.

Snails, ladybugs, butterflies and frogs add whimsical fun for quilts for kids. Choose vibrant florals, stripes and solids to create flying and crawling creatures to decorate a child's room. These charming designs make colorful wall hangings and quilts that kids love. Appliqués, patchwork and paper piecing is easy-to-do with the simple patterns and instructions.

Elephants * Birds * Bears * Farm Animals * Noah's Ark Animals * Cats * Dogs * Butterflies * Dinosaurs * Unicorns * Penguins * Owls * Bunnies * Whales * Zoo Animals * Giraffes * Deers * Fish * Horses